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In the flexible packaging industry, toll compounding and contract manufacturing are terms that are sometimes used interchangeably. Toll compounding occurs when a specific formula has been calculated with specific physical property attributes – in short a formulation or application that has already been worked out – but the primary company is out of capacity and is looking for a contract manufacturer to assist with production. In these relationships, the primary company will provide the formula and formulation components, will ship everything into the toll compounding manufacturer where it will be converted from the raw material blend to a finished pellet blend. The finished pellets would then be marked with the primary company’s labels and then shipped either directly to the end use customer or back to the primary company which will then ship to the customers.

Why Flex-Pack Engineering for your Toll Compounding solutions?

At Flex-Pack Engineering we work with a wide variety of toll compounding companies. But we are much more than a mere broker. With over 30 years of experience in the flexible packaging industry we can provide a wealth of expertise in the technical transfer and process engineering aspects of the project. It is critical to ensure that the finished product is the same regardless of which machines are used in the production. We have a deep understanding of compounding chemistry and compounding technology. After working in the flexible packaging industry for so many years, we have many relationships with compounding companies and understand each of their capabilities and capacities and can match each toll compounding project with the best compounding manufacturer to achieve optimal results.

When you work with Flex-Pack Engineering on a toll compounding project you’re not just talking to a salesperson who will relay your information or needs to an engineer or plant manager. You can articulate your needs or questions directly with Flex-Pack and we have the in-depth knowledge to understand and make recommendations – it is like getting to the “inner-circle” much faster. We’ll ask the right questions to pre-qualify toll compounding projects and match the project up with the best toll compounding manufacturer.

We know how to take pellets to finished packaging, and we know all the processes in between, that experience is huge for the customers for whom we work. When we understand your application that helps us compound your product correctly to cover all the fitness for use and all the processing hurdles.

If you are looking for a toll compounding solution, consider talking with Flex-Pack Engineering. Take advantage of our extensive compounding experience, relationships and knowledge to help you find the right solution for your toll compounding challenges.

Call us today at 888-300-1482 or complete our information request form to discover how Flex-Pack Engineering can assist with your toll compounding solutions!

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