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Over 30 years of flexible packaging design experience!

Our Core Business is designing the right Flexible Packaging Products for you! We start by acquiring a crystal clear understanding of the Product and Customer Requirements (FFU – fitness for use criteria) through careful analysis of the product life cycle and COU (chain of use). Next we engineer the new film product by utilizing the latest resin, additives and extrusion technologies. We then produce a prototype product, test it to validate the design to insure we have met all of the customer requirements.

We can assist with scale up at your plant, your supplier’s plant, or manufacture the product on a contract basis for you.

We do all this with an outrageous sense of urgency so you can get your product faster!

  • Full Analytical / Physical / Permeation Testing Lab
  • Expert Engineering of Film and Flexible Packages
  • Pellets to Finished Package – Efficiently
  • Prototype – Lab – Pilot – Full Scale Production
  • Plastic Compounding – Blown – Cast – MDO – Biax Films
  • Fast Turn-Around

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    Engineered Flexible Packaging Learning Center 

    Visit our Learning Center articles where you can learn insights into how our Engineered Flexible Packaging, ASTM/ISO Testing, Custom Polymer Compounding, and Blown & Cast Film Products and services can help your business’ bottom line. Learn about MVTR Testing, OTR Testing, OIT TestingSpecialty Plastic Compounding, and Flexible Packaging Solutions

    flexible packaging testing services

    DSC Thermal Analysis

    DSC Thermal Analysis & Testing Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) is a thermo-analytical technique in which the difference in the amount of energy required to increase the temperature of a
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    flexible packaging testing services

    ASTM Flexible Packaging Testing Services

    ASTM Flexible Packaging Testing Services Flex-Pack Engineering provides ASTM flexible packaging testing services for a wide variety of analytical and physical testing for flexible packages. Whether it is one
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    flexible packaging testing services

    Biodegradable Flexible Packaging Solutions

    Biodegradable Flexible Packaging Solutions What is a biodegradable polymer? Biopolymers have been around for quite some time. Here at Flex-Pack Engineering, we have been working with biopolymers for at
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    flexible packaging testing services

    MVTR Testing – Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate Testing

    MVTR Testing, Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate Testing WHAT IS MVTR? Moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) also known as water vapor transmission rate is the process of measuring the amount
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