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Flex-Pack Engineering (FPE) offers a complete line of specialty blown and cast films to meet your needs. Let us help you save money by designing a stronger but lighter coextruded film that will exhibit equal or better performance than what you are producing or buying today. We can also help you consolidate your current film supply by working with your current supply base or by sourcing the films for you. Let FPE help you save 10% to 35% on your film purchases. 

• Monolayer, Coextruded (2 to 14 layers)
• Barrier and Non Barrier, Biodegradable
• Pigmented and Clear
• LDPE, Metallocene PE, VLDPE, LLDPE
• Medium Density LLDPE
• EVA, EMA, Acid Copolymer, Ionomer
• PET, PP, BOPP, BON (biaxially oriented Nylon)
• Cellophane, Cellulose Acetate
• And More…..

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