Increase Sales And Profits With Engineered Flexible Packaging Solutions

What Is Engineered Flexible Packaging?

At Flex-Pack Engineering, our core business is designing the RIGHT flexible packaging products for your applications. BUT what do we mean by the term “engineered flexible packaging”? An engineered flexible package is a package that has been designed to a certain set of fitness for use (FFU) criteria through careful analysis of the product life cycle and chain of use (COU).  At the most basic level, we examine what you want the package to do, how must it perform, and what service (how the package will be used to fill or hold product) and environmental (where will the package live) conditions it must endure.

For example, consider the packaging for frozen meatballs that can be purchased in any grocery store. The package must open easily on filling equipment and be filled at high speed, with frozen food particles that may have sharp edges and that create other loads on the packaging, usually in a refrigerated environment. The package has to be strong in cold weather and be able to close (seal) quickly and easily without leaking. That is a lot to consider!

How Can Engineered Flexible Packaging Increase Your Sales and Profits

So how can the right engineered flexible packaging help your bottom line? By taking a scientific approach and analyzing the fitness for use and chain of use requirements. By determining the exact package requirements, we can design a better package that meets those criteria and SAVES MONEY on the packaging materials.

In our experience, it often seems as if customers are guessing at what their packaging requirements truly need to be.  Often times, they will employ a “let’s try this” approach. Many customers don’t truly understand the total property requirements of their packaging.  In addition, many don’t even have a written specification for their packaging! They don’t really know their fitness for use and chain of use requirements. They spend whatever amount of time and money is necessary until they find a solution and then continue to over-spend on packaging that may work BUT is NOT optimized for their requirements. We refer to this as a “non-engineered” solution. When a non-engineered solution is used, one is simply guessing until a solution that works is found. When one is guessing at packaging design, it usually leads to unhappy customers and lost accounts. If a scientific approach is not taken to understanding how the packaging needs to perform, it is not possible to be successful with that packaging long term.

Here’s an example of how Flex-Pack can help! Consider a bag that is designed to hold 5 lbs. of product, and that bag is 5 mils thick. But WHAT IF a bag could be engineered that could hold 5 lbs. of product, but be only 3 mils thick, AND perform just as well?  Think about the material cost savings alone in your production! This is what we do here at Flex-Pack Engineering. By analyzing your fitness for use and chain of use requirements, we can engineer a package that will perform as well or better than what is currently being used.  How do we do this?  By employing the use of materials and systems that are better suited to the use criteria needed for the packaging.

Flex-Pack Engineering, Your Partner In Engineered Flexible Packaging

Our team at Flex-Pack Engineering are your partners in finding the best possible solution for your packaging requirements. We are not a raw material supplier, and we do not manufacture film products. We offer unbiased, scientific testing and results.  We work with our customers, in conjunction with raw material suppliers and other vendors, to provide the BEST packaging solutions that meet your fitness for use and chain of use criteria, and that can be manufactured  consistently and to a high quality standard.  It truly is a “WIN-WIN” scenario for all parties involved and can dramatically increase your bottom line results.

Contact us today at 330-704-9436 or fill out our request information form and learn how Flex-Pack Engineering can help you to increase sales and profits with engineered flexible packaging solutions.

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