DSC Testing

Differential scanning calorimetry testing also known as (DSC) Testing measures the crystalline content of a polymer or material. Materials that have crystalline content will have a phase change from solid to liquid or liquid to gas. This fully relaxed annealed melting point of a material is a unique property that is reproduceable and can be used for referencing.

Here at Flex-Pack Engineering we use DSC testing as a thermal analysis tool in conjunction with FTIR to look at the chemical composition of an organic material. We use DSC testing as part of our analysis and evaluation process for the following:

  • To help solve a customer’s flexible packaging problem
  • Competitive analysis, to help determine what makes a competitor’s package work so well
  • Provide reverse engineering of flexible packaging products
  • Product and process development of flexible packaging products
  • OIT, Oxidation Induction Time Testing

DSC Testing is a very useful tool in the analysis of flexible packaging materials.

Flex-Pack Engineering Provides Fast and Reliable DSC Testing

At Flex-Pack Engineering we bring over 30 years of experience in our flexible packaging analysis and evaluation, and DSC testing is an important tool that we use in our workflow. We know how to use DSC testing to get the information our customers need to improve their packaging products.

Furthermore, we have invested in state-of-the-art DSC testing equipment to provide reliable results with better than industry standard turnaround times. All our testing equipment is calibrated to NIST traceable standards and verified to be working properly before testing begins.

While having the knowledge and equipment necessary to provide DSC testing is important, what benefits our customers the most is Flex-Pack’s extensive background and experience in flexible packaging product and process development. We not only provide you test results, but critical insights and recommendations on how to improve your packaging design, or production line operations. We offer very competitive pricing with exceptional turnaround time and friendly customer service to help you with all your flexible packaging requirements.

Let’s have a conversation! Contact us today at 330-704-9436 or fill out our request information form and learn how Flex-Pack Engineering can help with your DSC testing requirements today!

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