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At Flex-Pack Engineering (FPE) our job is to design, produce, and supply custom blended and compounded resins, masterbatches, concentrates and engineered alloys that deliver superior performance for a wide range of Flexible Packaging and Specialty Molding applications. Let us design or provide the right product to solve your extrusion or molding problems today!

• Nylon, PET, Polysulfone, PEEK, TPO, TPU
• PC, Acrylic, ABS, Acetal, Ionomer
• Slip, Antiblock, Antistat, Antifog
• Antioxidants, Antislip, Process Aids
• Biodegradable, Print Enhancement
• Release Additives, Antibacterial, UVA, UVI
• Mineral Filled, Glass Filled, Purge, Foaming Agents
• Desiccants, Flame Retardant, Clarifiers, Nucleating
• Fluorescent, Phosphorescent, Chromatic (temp change)
• Specialty Effect Pigments, Nano Engineered
• Nano Hybrid, Conductive, Optical Cladding
• And More….

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