Specialty Plastic Compounding

Flex-Pack Engineering can assist with all of your specialty plastic compounding requirements. If you are looking to work with out-of-the-ordinary specialty additives, specialty minerals or specialty polymers, for example biodegradable additives, minerals and fillers, Flex-Pack Engineering has the technical knowledge and engineering expertise to provide reliable plastic compounding solutions.

Additionally, if your specialty plastic compounding needs are related to low volume short runs and small batches, Flex-Pack Engineering is your ideal choice. We routinely work with our customers on small batches of a few lbs to a few thousand pounds and have a wide variety of resources available to handle low volume requests.

Specialty Plastic Compounding Product Development and Process Development

The team at Flex-Pack Engineering has the expertise and resources to assist with your product development as well as process development of your specialty compounding needs.

For product development cases we can analyze the fitness for use criteria and develop the best product to perform based on that fitness for use as well as chain of use criteria. We examine what you want the package to do, how it must perform, and how the package will be used to fill or hold product as well as the environmental conditions in which the package must endure. By determining the exact package requirements, we can design a better package that meets all criteria and can save money on the packaging materials.

For process development or process optimization where the lab work has already been completed and you are now looking to scale up to commercial production, Flex-Pack Engineering can provide process optimization to help produce that product in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Flex-Pack Engineering, Your Ideal Choice for Specialty Plastic Compounding

At Flex-Pack Engineering we have an over 30 year education in working on specialty plastic compounding projects. Our team brings a high-level of technical expertise as well as engineering and lab capabilities to test and validate specialty plastic compounding products. We can further take those products and make film and packaging out of them to help get products into the marketplace faster. Our long chain of experience can help your company find the best solutions and optimize production runs to help save money on your specialty compounding projects!

Ready to start a conversation? Give us a call today at 330-704-9436 or fill out our request form and learn how Flex-Pack Engineering can help with your specialty plastic compounding.

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