Flexible Packaging Solutions by Flex-Pack Engineering

Flex-Pack Engineering can meet your most demanding flexible film packaging challenges for food packaging or industrial packaging. We offer a wide variety of flexible packaging services, testing and consulting including, but not limited to:

Our flexible packaging engineers work hard to design the RIGHT flexible packaging products for your application. Our solutions are designed to a set of fitness for use (FFU) criteria through thoughtful analysis of the product life cycle and chain of use (COU). By determining the exact package requirements, our team can design and produce a better flexible package that meets all of the criteria and can save money on packaging materials.

Flexible Film Packaging Testing: Results with Actionable Intelligence

The Flex-Pack Engineering team doesn’t just deliver fast test results, we offer insights and recommendations for our customers to interpret the test results and make better decisions on their flexible packaging products and processes. We contribute our 30 plus years of experience in the science and practice of flexible film packaging to our customers’ projects to improve efficiencies, save money, and get products to market faster! For a more complete list of our analytical and physical testing services, visit our Flexible Packaging Testing Services article.  

Flex-Pack Engineering – Your Best Choice for Flexible Packaging Solutions

At Flex-Pack Engineering we offer competitive pricing, quick turnaround times, and thoughtful, quality driven customer service. If you are looking for product development, process optimization, testing services, or have a tough problem that you need help solving, reach out to the team here at Flex-Pack and we can help with all of your flexible packaging challenges, and solutions!

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