Custom Polymer Compounding

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Custom Polymer Compounding Solutions from FlexPack Engineering

At Flex-Pack Engineering, we thrive on delving into the most intricate toll, custom, and specialty compounding challenges. By carefully assessing the fitness for use (FFU) and chain of use (COU), and comprehending the performance benchmarks for your compounded product, we expertly choose optimal raw materials, engineer top-performing screw designs, and devise precise process and manufacturing control plans. This experienced approach ensures seamless operation and yields high-performance outcomes.

After finalizing the optimal design and process, we carefully choose the most suitable compounding line from our network of dependable contract/toll compounding partners. These partners align with our philosophy of tackling the most challenging compounding tasks and delivering high-quality compounds swiftly and affordably.

Furthermore, when entrusting Flex-Pack Engineering with your custom polymer compounding requirements, you gain access to our dedicated team as your personal advocate every step of the way. Having selected materials and engineered screw designs and processes, we possess insight into potential successes and pitfalls, enabling us to troubleshoot any compounding issues effectively. Serving as a knowledgeable liaison between production and customer, we facilitate a win-win collaboration, ensuring informed decision-making throughout our business relationship.

Why FlexPack Engineering for Your Custom Polymer Compounding Solution?

Throughout our journey, we’ve partnered with clients facing diverse technical hurdles or requiring short runs for proof of concept. Embracing smaller projects, we excel in rapid project completion. Leveraging robust scientific and engineering principles, we tackle the most demanding compounding challenges, empowering our clients to overcome obstacles and create outstanding products that foster new business opportunities. And we do it all with speed!

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