OIT, Oxidation Induction Time Testing

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OIT Testing, Oxidation Induction Time Testing

Oxidation induction time, also referred to as oxidative induction time or abbreviated as OIT (ASTM D3895) is a standardized test performed via DSC (differential scanning calorimetry) which measure the level of thermal stabilization of the material tested. OIT testing allows us to take many types of materials and determine their thermal stability, especially in a hot environment. Oxidative induction time testing can be used in a variety of applications, but we are always testing the level of thermal stabilization of the material.

The process for oxidation induction time (ASTM D3895) testing involves putting the material in a DSC, heating the material to a certain temperature and over time evaluating when the material starts to thermally degrade. At Flex-Pack Engineering, our process would typically include heating the material up beyond its melting point in an inert gas such as nitrogen and holding it at this temperature for the duration of the testing.   We would then change the atmosphere from nitrogen to air or pure oxygen and hold the material at a constant temperature and evaluate the heat flow curve start to change. Where the heat flow curve starts to change, its rate of change and when the changes end, helps us determine the thermal stability of the material.

Oxidation induction time testing allows Flex-Pack to analyze the thermal stability of materials and find better performing materials relative to thermal stabilization for specific customer requirements and situations.

Why Flex-Pack Engineering for OIT Testing?

At Flex-Pack Engineering, we have experience not only with polymers but with additives and additive chemistries and the mixing and blending of those additives through compounding to improve thermal material performance. We understand the materials, we understand the additives, we understand how to put them together and we understand how to test the materials to evaluate their performance. Moreover, we understand what the material performance means as it relates to application development and can make recommendations to our customers to achieve the best thermal performance results.

As part of our flexible packaging solutions we not only provide you testing results, but we also provide insights and recommendations on what the results mean and how to improve or upgrade your current materials for better overall performance.

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