Blown and Cast Film Solutions That Can Save You Money

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Blown and Cast Film Solutions That Can Save You Money

Flex-Pack Engineering can help your company save money on your blown and cast film products by evaluating the fitness for use (FFU) as well as the chain of use (COU) criteria of your packaging product. After a thorough analysis of these criteria, Flex-Pack Engineering can recommend not only whether you should be using a cast or blown film solution for the most efficiently produced package, but also engineer the highest performing package that will help you realize cost savings throughout your production and distribution lines.

High Performance Resins And Tailored Approach Offer Return On Investment         

In our experience at Flex-Pack Engineering, we often see raw material suppliers offering their best and most popular resins available into each application. While they do a great job, suppliers can only offer what they make and sell. Moreover, they may not have the time to really dive in and take a rigorous scientific approach to determine the best performing resins for a specific application. We evaluate the package from the perspective of what is best for our customer and consider a wide variety of resin products that will meet our performance criteria.

By analyzing fitness for use and chain of use of your packaging, we can select the best performing resins, from the entire market place for the production of your package. By tailoring the resin choices for your packaging, we can often achieve equal or better performance with lower gauge materials. The return on investment comes in buying less overall material over time and getting the most efficient and highest performing packaging.

Production Efficiencies Also Contribute To Cost Savings

By tailoring the approach of your packaging through careful analysis of fitness for use and chain of use criteria, and selecting higher performing resin materials, not only will you save money in the long term through buying less overall material, but you will also realize production efficiencies in your operations. The improved packaging materials will run through your equipment more efficiently translating into higher production rates, less downtime, and less scrap. You spend less money and increase efficiency.

Reduced Shipping Costs Are An Additional Benefit

When you use lighter packaging made from higher performing materials you not only realize all the benefits described above, but your shipping costs will also be positively affected. When you reduce the overall weight of your product, you can ship more product for the same price. By reducing the weight of your packaging, it ripples out through your operations. You will gain benefits of higher production runs, less downtime, less scrap, and the ability to ship more product. It creates efficiency throughout your system.

Flex-Pack Engineering: Your #1 Choice For Blown and Cast Film Solutions

Our team at Flex-Pack Engineering look forward to collaborating with you in finding the best possible solutions for your packaging requirements. We are not a raw material supplier, and we do not manufacturer film products. We offer unbiased scientific testing and results. We work with our customers, in conjunction with raw material suppliers and other vendors, to provide the BEST packaging solutions that meet your fitness for use and chain of use criteria, and that can be manufactured consistently and to a high quality standard. It truly is a “WIN-WIN” scenario for all parties involved and can dramatically increase your bottom line results.

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